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Quality Objectives

At Gene’s Machine, Inc., we are committed to providing high quality machined parts, built to your specifications, delivered when and where you need them, at a fair price.

Our objectives are simple:

To supply top quality parts.

Deliveries to meet your needs.

Find the cost effective methods of manufacturing your products.

Quality Policy

GENE'S MACHINE, INC. is committed to providing products and services, which meet or exceed the requirements specified by the customer and in compliance with the Quality Assurance Manual and referenced documents. Quality objectives include compliance with the applicable requirements of API Specifications Q1 Part One and customer requirements, and the use of performance results as a basis for quality system improvements. The Quality Assurance Manual shall comply with the requirements of API Q1 Part 1.


The Quality Program has been established, implemented and maintained as defined by the Quality Assurance Manual. The Quality Assurance Manager is authorized to resolve conflicts between the quality program and any other policies, procedures or operations within the company and implement the necessary changes.

The Quality Assurance Manager shall ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organization. Each employee is responsible for implementation of the quality program requirements within his or her own area of responsibility.

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